How we like to drink El Destilado

While we wholeheartedy recommend enjoying our agave based spirits simply neat in a glass, with a glass of water on the side, we also recognise that sometimes it doesn’t hurt to shake things up a bit. Welcome to our ongoing repository of favourite drinks that use El Destilado spirits, with recipes by Marcis Dzelzainis.

Mezcal Negroni

25ml Mezcal
20ml Rosso Vermouth
20ml Campari
15ml Cynar
Lemon twist

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass three-quarters filled with ice. Stir about 30 seconds.

Strain into a coupette. Squeeze the lemon twist over the surface, then slip it into the drink. Alternately, this drink can be served in a rocks glass over a large ice cube, also with the lemon twist.

Marmalade Daiquiri

50ml El Destilado Rum
25ml Lime juice
15ml Sugar syrup
1 tsp Marmalade
1 Orange wedge

Pile the liquid ingredients into a shaking tin with ice. Shake hard and then double strain into a coupette.